Frequently asked questions
Q. How many people can I have on the houseboat?
A. The houseboat is only licenced for a maxium of 8 people.
Q. Where can I park my car?
A. There is parking in Tonkin Street.
Q. Can I bring my pets, firearms or fireworks?
A. No, the Port Hacking River is part of The Royal National Park
Q. How far can I take the houseboat?
A. West to Audley and east to Gunnamatta Bay.
Q. Can I take the houseboat to a wharf or jetty?
A. No.
Q. How do I go about paying?
A. By Mastercard /Visa or Cash.
Q. Is there a bond?
A. Yes, there is a bond of $500.00, there is also a credit card autherisation on the day.
Q. Will I need a boat licence?
A. No.
Q. Are there any 240 volt power outlets?
A. No, the houseboat runs on a 12 volt power system.
Q.What do I have to bring?
A. All food and drink, beach towels,CD's, clothing, personal items and fishing gear.
Q. Can I travel at night?
A. No, the housboat must be anchored between 5:30pm till 7:00am.
Q. What about water and fuel?
A. There is 700 litres of fresh water and 65 litres of fuel ( Fuel is charged by usage).
Q. What if I have to cancel?
A. We advise people to have travel insurance just in case of any reason for cancelling.

Phone: (02) 9523 5511